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Published on September 8th, 2012 | by cinderboy


Black Desert – Potential epic MMO in the making

From the makers of Continent of the Ninth (C9), among a few other titles, this is Black Desert, the maiden MMO title from developer Pearl Abyss. As you can expect, Black Desert features a persistent open-world action missing from C9, while having the combat system in the veins of C9. Think active dodge, active block and various attack combination chains.


Large-scale castle/ town siege is 1 of Black Desert’s important features. Pretty much similar to those seen in movies, the defenders will have to destroy the invaders’ cannons, ladders and kill them off, while the invaders will have to destroy the main gate and try to climb up the walls. More strategic features will be implemented in due course to make this event as dynamic as possible.

Black Desert screenshot Black Desert screenshot Black Desert screenshot Black Desert screenshot

Pearl Abyss is also attempting to make the economy of Black Desert a lively one, with players able to engage in various trade and production activities such as farming, factories (I am guessing metal crafting), properties, gathering and more. This will allow players to take time off the action and play the market to become more wealthy.

Black Desert screenshot Black Desert screenshot Black Desert screenshot

Black Desert has only been officially signed to Japan under publisher GameOn (which also signed ArcheAge Japan), with Closed Beta scheduled for early 2013. For a game which only started development around 2010, it is looking mighty impressive already.

Black Desert character screenshot Black Desert character screenshot Black Desert character screenshot Black Desert character screenshot Black Desert character screenshot

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From what I’m seeing character and environment graphics are quite similar to c9. C9 gives me a headache with its jittery graphics so if this game’s graphics is similar to that, I’d pass on this one.


are u stupid ??
because graphics u will pass this
holy nab


Why would I play a game that would make my head spin? To each his own. If I prefer a game with a smoother graphics that is easier on the eyes, you don’t have a say about that.

Educate yourself before you use the internet. Geez.


Bro if you really read this article you will have notice that this game isnt finished yet so you will start complaining and make your conclusions about a game that isnt finnished? even GW2 wasnt having smoother graphics when it was announced by first time (and i dont need to say how smooth graphics the game has right now just check youtube).

So educate yourseft before using the internet starting searching what is a debut trailer on internet because your comment its irrelevant rignt now.


Looks quite promising, the character models is more refined than those of C9.
Oh and I have to point out, C9 does not feature an open world action vattle system, but an instance based one.


Any information about PVP? FFA?


Anyone noticed the deer-man on the ninth screenshot?
comment image)


Hope he ain’t call Rudolf…


It really looks a lot like C9, at least the character models and the graphic but the game features are totally different.
I’m looking forward to this game and I will give it a first try during the Japanese Beta.


Are u plp blind ? same graphics as C9 ? This game is way more beautiful than C9.

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Cant say I dont like it but… They really over did it.. Characters looks like crap and here lame monsters AGAIN… Stop making shitty games, Korean developers…


What happened with Cloud 9 Studios then? do they disolved? is this an indicator that C9 isn’t going to have more frequent updates? :O


Nah, C9 has been under a different team since 2 years ago. This Pearl Abyss team started the C9 project. Don’t worry, C9 will still have updates as usual~


Cool then, thanks for the info cinder :D!

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