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Published on September 20th, 2012 | by cinderboy


Aion 4.0 – Silhouettes of 3 brand new classes teased

A couple of weeks ago, news was first released about Aion 4.0 getting 3 brand new classes, which is a joyous news as some were afraid the game getting left behind due to the incoming Blade & Soul. Today, 3 mysterious silhouettes surfaced of the 3 classes, with a couple wielding pretty unconventional weapons (a good thing!).

The 4.0 update is scheduled to hit Korea later this year, and NCsoft announced a few days ago that the first 35 levels for Aion Korea will be Free-to-Play.

Aion 4.0 Armored Castle Aion 4.0 Bard Aion 4.0 Shooting Star

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7 Responses to Aion 4.0 – Silhouettes of 3 brand new classes teased

  1. nimeth says:

    nice! 😀

  2. kurai says:

    So Aion is getting a gunner, some kind of mechanic with the ability to mount robots and a bard. Sounds good to me :)

  3. Inochi says:

    Gunner, Engineer and Bard. Easy one

  4. D.D.D says:

    it’s accretia, bellato and cora LOL

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  6. Lady says:

    Musician class, nice.

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