The Secret World – Poor performance blamed on Guild Wars 2 and pandas

[Source] A Funcom report released today puts The Secret World Sales at “over 200,000” as the company adjusts expectations down by $35 million US Dollars. In the report, Funcom once again cites poor US reviews as a contributing factor in the poor performance of The Secret World, as well as the announced launch dates of Guild Wars 2 and the Mists of Pandaria expansion to World of Warcraft.
Funcom states that they are “currently undergoing large cost cutting measures including reduction of around 50 % of its staff in all offices. The company is working towards ensuring that all of the live games as well as the company are cash-flow positive.”

“Initial sales of The Secret World have been below expectations, as communicated in the stock notice of the 10 August. The Company still considers it likely that sales for the 12 months period following launch of the game will be less than half of what was presented in the Conan-like scenario in the 1Q presentation. The company has recognized an impairment charge adjustment of the book value of the game) amounting to USD 35,000.
Also in the report are statements about the positive retention of those who do purchase The Secret World, as well as a statement that Funcom is “about to launch several initiatives to acquire more players.”

Personal thought: I can’t believe Funcom decided to blame other titles… From what I remembered, they talked about how their game will have an audience different from World of Warcraft and many more details which will see them hold their own fort. Funcom surely didn’t expect the game to attract the general masses with its niche theme and monthly payment business model?


  1. They’re trying to make sad excuses for their own internal issues. Their game has basic issues, lack of content being top in my opinion. This is and was always going to be a niche game. I personally wish it would have been Cthulu Online, wish someone would make that, but this isn’t not at all.

  2. oh lord, not another MMO company going around blaming poor sales and whatnot on others… En Masse did it too (Except that was fault of their own anyway)

  3. another game going f2p for me to test good. But this game is in fact better then swtor , it is just that people still didnt realised that the p2p model is dead.

  4. I don’t remember there being as much media attention on this game initially (didn’t you get in trouble for posting some stuff Cinder?) which might also be why there aren’t many users. Maybe if they’d had more of an aggressive campaign to promote the game more people would’ve taken a look at least.

  5. o.o SW is a great game, but the combat system have f*d with the game.

    They give me a .12 when you start the game and I cant shoot with it like a shooter game, i need to get a target to give some shots…

    IF SW was a Role-Play Shooter or a Action MMORPG.. This game will be selling a lot right now.

    Because I want shoot zombies and monsters. Not play “Underworld WoW version”.

    Was sad.

    • Hellgate 2 is in development using Unreal Engine 3. I wanna shoot some demons, monsters, zombies etc as well.

  6. We’ve played a previous Funcom game before, such game was called Age of Conan. It was hyped to be the next big thing but it simply wasn’t balanced on launch and the mechanics of the game were horrible.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, was this not expected?

    I praise Funcom for being daring and innovative in trying to bring in a Genre of Modern Times to the MMO community. But simply put the MMO community is still stuck in the Fantasy world of Azeroth and now perhaps maybe Guild Wars 2 Tyria.

    Bad timing, lack of content, bad judgement lead to this games demise.

  7. P2P is what made me skip this. Im tired of buying a game and then have to pay to keep play it. Why not go GW’s way and sell for full price and then every 6 months or so release large expansions for a good price? Let us take our time instead of the damn stress that P2P creates. Dont know how many times in WoW i baught 2 time and then didnt have the time to play much that period. If this was Buy once – play as much as you want – i would buy it today.

  8. Not surprising from Funcom. They messed up a bunch of stuff recently. Has anyone else noticed the one good F2P game they have, Bloodline Champions, and how hard they have to try and ignore it? It’s a solid eSports game without the grindy level stuff. Yet Funcom cannot even grasp how obvious this is is just outright baffling.

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