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Monarch: Heroes of a New Age – Another Netmarble title confirmed

[Press release] They say power is claimed by the sword but no man has ever conquered alone. Monarchs rise and Monarchs fall, so if you want to gain power – and keep it, you’d better find good soldiers. The siege is coming and you can’t face it alone.


Monarch is an innovative breed of MMORPG, mixing elements of large-scale combat strategy in a massive environment. Utilizing its unique “Troop” system, players can hire soldiers to level up, equip, buy, sell and trade to other players as they amass a superior fighting force to siege opposing territory. Coming fall 2013 (note: estimated schedule for English server).


Utilize the “Troop” system to acquire troops and level them up, then join in battle with friends. Or sell them for profit to other players.

Equip your army and join your friends as you battle for control of key locations with up to 100 vs. 100 PvP battles.

Your Hero advances as they lead your soldiers in battle. You can even equip your force with myriad items to increase their power and your chances of success.

Maius’ proprietary game engine allows for brilliant graphics and large scale combat in an MMO environment playable on almost any computer

Monarch: Heroes of a New Age screenshot

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