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Published on August 28th, 2012 | by cinderboy


Guild Wars 2 – ArenaNet confirms level 80 achievement is legit

In a simple Reddit post by ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder of the studio, apologized for the hint of exploiting posted previously and confirmed that Surfeuze, member of French guild War Legend, has achieved this feat in a perfectly legit manner.

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6 Responses to Guild Wars 2 – ArenaNet confirms level 80 achievement is legit

  1. 888 says:

    Like i said earlier…. another sad day for MMO players who really want to achieve something in MMO game…

    These days most MMORPG = casual gaming like final fantsy….
    Best Regards

    • cinderboy says:

      There should be some form of barriers in game design to prevent this, even if being high level in GW2 doesn’t mean he is going to own everything.

      ArenaNet got to keep in mind that most players are from theme-park grinders, and they will not appreciate this feat achieved so fast.

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  4. strike1506 says:

    and before ArenaNet said that Guild Wars 2 is for die-hard MMORPG fans… I don’t think what they meant were “veteran MMORPG players”. For a veteran player myself, the only “TRUE WAY” of proving the legitimacy of leveling up is through grinding. leveling up to 20 levels by crafting is not so legit… well, for me at least…

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