Mabinogi Heroes – Season 2 official trailer

With full details posted just a few days back, the official trailer for Mabinogi Heroes: Season 2 has now been posted online. As mentioned in my previous post, there are tons of new features, including jump attacks due to the new flying mobs. Also, it seems Season 2 is heavily focused on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme, although with many more horror elements.

Here are some of the new costumes for each of the characters, including the summer beachwear at the end. The new character, Vella, will be added into the main Korean servers next week, 9th August.


  1. Yeah.. Have they said anything about the the requirements for the new equipment?
    If its anything like the last batch of limited raids and reliance on ultra rare drops, I cant say I’m excited about the new expansion.

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