Darkness and Light – An epic MMO in the making

From the developer of the upcoming martial arts MMO, Age of Wulin, comes Darkness and Light (also known as Savage Horizon). And no, it is not that Darkness and Light from a few years back which eventually got canned.

Snail Games has provided Chinese gaming website, 17173.com, with an exclusive look into the game and I am here to translate the details for you. This game sounds and looks really epic! Update: More information here on the game’s origins.

Darkness and Light

1. Development of the game started way back in 2005, with it teased once again just last year.

2. Similar to Age of Wulin, an in-house graphics engine is used, but this time using the Mafate engine.

Darkness and Light screenshot Darkness and Light screenshot

3. The game is apparently over 40,000 square kilometers, 40 times the size of World of Warcraft. In this huge open world, there will be 10 races separated into 2 factions. Of course, these races will be available for players to choose. They include humans, elves, beastmen, dwarves, fairies, demons, dragons and more.

Darkness and Light screenshot

4. When players create a character, the system will generate an unique growth path for them. All players will get to try out the various battle and life classes at first in order to allow them to choose a class most suited for them to progress. Eventually, a well-trained character will be a sword-wielding warrior who is able to throw fireballs in the middle of battle!

5. Other than the battle classes, there will be a variety of life classes for players to play as. Having your own shop (like a real actual shop space), going on a trade expedition, a skilled blacksmith, a world-renown herbalist, a wandering storyteller, a knowledgeable historian, a dragon trainer (gasp!)… All these and more is possible in Darkness and Light! These unique classes will cater for players who are not so much into battles.

6. When players eventually gain a huge amount of honor and recognition, the kingdom will bestow him with a title and a piece of land. With the piece of land, players can build a grand castle from scratch, eventually turning the areas around it into a town! If the player is lucky, there will be a time where a gold mine is discovered in the mountains within his territory, which can be farmed by the citizens of the town.

Darkness and Light screenshot

7. There will be an active and live weather change system. Snow, fog, sunny, rain, hailstorm… all these will have an effect on the world. For example, if a snowstorm suddenly strikes, trading markets in town will close shop early. When players use a massive AOE ice skill during such a time, a mega blizzard will be formed!

Darkness and Light screenshot Darkness and Light screenshot

8. The transportation system will be one to look out for as well. In such a big open world, it is not possible to move around just by using a pair of legs! There will be flying transportation like tamed dragons, personal gliders (what?!), parachutes and of course, normal mounts and even a personal dragon.

Darkness and Light screenshot Darkness and Light screenshot Darkness and Light screenshot

9. All players will be within the same server. Other than just plain grinding for experience points, activities like taking part in political campaigns and even trading will nab players with points.

Darkness and Light screenshot

That is all for this rather limited teaser announcement. With Snail Games developing and publishing only Free to Play MMOs, will Darkness and Light be the same? How will the cash shop function if it indeed is?

How is the combat like, given Age of Wulin’s combat can be touted as “creative” in its own rights? There are quite a few questions swirling in my head now, but stay tuned to my blog for more upcoming information.

Darkness and Light screenshot


  1. But now seems they reworked completly the game technically keeping the great main concept of the original D&L project, so this game will be one of the rarest ever, an occidental project with all the great oriental art skills.

  2. absolutely amazing graphics, stunning for a ftp, hope snail games develops good in-game content, or it'll be very disappointing

  3. How could u rename it to Darkness and Light ? It was one of the first Dota-like Games from Asia which was alot fun, i had my hopes up once i read about a now DaL and now this ~x(

  4. Early 2003 I registered to get into the beta of this game. Once in beta, it was so freaking awesome. The music score was also pretty top notch. Dragon as a flying mount and would also attack with you in a fight. Parachutes to float down into the enemy village to plunder, a parasail to use from the top of a mountain to basejump. The endless landscape…just from a visual perspective, it was kickass.

  5. LOL I have my D&L Settlers of Ganereth account as well. Epic Idea and Epic failure. The main hurdle for this game will be filling the world with game players. In the original Dark and Light, you could travel on your dragon mount in any direction for about 45 minutes, land and not find another player. Too much space and not enough people. Good luck. I would try it again.

  6. Let's just pray and hope they can pull something massive like this off! Looks really awesome, and pretty much everything I've ever wanted in an MMO. Can't even begin to express how much I've been wanting to play a kick-ass battlemage in an MMO like this.

  7. I'm Chinese but I only know like…40% of the words on the official site. Please please someone translate this. -.-

  8. Since I am lazy, I'll just briefly state a few things 😛
    Yes I'm Chinese and yes, their vocabs are quite deep, maybe cause it's based in China and it's normal for them to use words like these in China 😛
    Anywaaaysss… according to what they said, you have 12 different races and 14 different jobs. They said smth like you have a lot of freedom and can create your own unique character. The basic jobs include: Witch, Bard, Scout, druid, priest, (4 warrior like jobs, it's kinda confusing how to differ em, basically it should be, dark knight, paladin, hero? guard? idk sry for that warrior fans :|), Assassin, sorcerer, archer, monk.
    Also, based on your different experiences, you can also choose between 42 jobs (as in real jobs)
    idk bout the jobs part it's really confusing I'm sry. I just know you have a lot of freedom in character build according to em. like be a politician or some shit LOL
    It also uses a real time system so you will have different weather and seasons. 84 minutes in real-time will be a day in game time.
    Another thing which I find quite interesting is at the last line of the article, they said that when you are riding a dragon up in the air and fly down straight away, snow will turn into rain due to the pressure?
    Oh my gosh I think that's basically it. Forgive me if I translated it wrongly cause my chinese is also limited ._.
    I'm also anticipating this game, just found it out while reading articles about archeage XD
    I may play archeage too if it's f2p or at least b2p 😛

  9. OMFG, I only briefly got to play DnL back when it was up.. and I just remember snowboarding down a mountainside, shooting off an incline & soaring over the canyon only to open a hanglider to blissfully float into the sunset.. That aspect alone could grab days of my time.. I can't wait for this to be a new revival of that beauty.

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